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Are you feeling stressed or confused about how to get to your dream financial future?  Are you arguing with your spouse about the latest bill? Are you ready to scream "What Now?!"  

You've come to the right place.

Whether you want to eliminate credit card debt, get rid of student loans, pay off your home, save for the kids' college, retire early, or become outrageously generous by giving money to others, I can help you create a plan so you can THRIVE with money.  

I'm committed to helping my clients solve financial stress in their lives, and move from "survive" to "thrive" with their personal finances. I am "The What Now?! Money Coach", and I help people just like you achieve their goals and reduce the money stress in their lives.  

Will you let me help you?  Let's get started!

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Professional career women desiring to get their finances in order, recent college grads ready to tackle student loan debt, single moms and single-again women who want to take charge of, and become confident with managing their money.

All women who desire to go from financially worried to financially hopeful and secure!


Couples who are ready to exchange the stress of debt, arguments about money, and disorganization with finances, for a future where both spouses are on the same page and are working together for your family’s financial peace and security.

All couples who want to become effective, competent financial co-partners!


We cannot banish dangers, but we can banish fear. Preparing for “the empty chair” is one of the most empowering and loving things we can do for one another.  The chair may be empty due to a lost relationship, or a lost life.  

I walk with clients to help prepare and organize their personal finances prior to the “empty chair season,” or following an unexpected loss.

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What My Clients Are Saying

Happy Woman

I feel like a different person since I started coaching with Karen! Confusion has lifted! I love having my money assigned to different "jobs" - I have control of my money! I always felt like I didn't have enough money, but I actually do! No more living paycheck to paycheck- I now have a plan to reach my goals, and I'm saving money for what is important to me. Coaching with Karen has been a game changer for me- she has helped me so much!



Karen has changed my life! Right off the bat, she was a shining light. She gave me a positive perspective on getting out of debt. She educated me about my finances, showed me where I was wasting all kinds of money, and taught me how to get control of where my money was going. Then we were full speed ahead to nip the debt in the bud! Within a very short time with her coaching skills, I am now debt free! 

Seven months after I started coaching with Karen I was in a serious car accident and broke my back and couldn't work for 3 months- but amazingly, I had peace and was not stressed out about my finances because Karen had guided me to get out of all debt, establish an emergency fund, and get prepared for the "unexpected".  And wow, what a relief to be in a good financial position when the accident happened!  I can now just focus on healing and not be overwhelmed with being in debt!  Financial coaching gave me peace! I would 100% recommend Karen for your financial coaching needs.  Her encouragement, positivity and support is what's needed to get financially happy!


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Student loan debt, credit card debt, car payments and "hundreds" of friends' weddings made our paychecks disappear and stress levels rise!  Karen created our budget for us, guided us on how to eliminate debt quickly, and cheered us on month by month.  Now we are "on the same page" with our spending decisions and working together toward our goals. Karen really helped us learn to communicate about our money, and this is helping all areas of our marriage.  Financial coaching is the best!

Scott and Angie

Happy Businesswoman

During our coaching sessions, Karen helped me believe that I can be as competent with my finances as I am in my professional career!  Years of a bad marriage convinced me that I was hopelessly irresponsible.  During financial coaching Karen not only helped me to budget and get out of debt, she also guided and educated me to see and believe that I am a very competent woman and I could take control of my money!  She gave me hope, and now I have a solid future in front of me!


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Working on the Go


It's Easy to Get Started!

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It's easy! Use the link above to schedule a complimentary consultation.  

The first step is a 15-Minute Discovery Phone Call. We will talk about your specific situation and determine who from the team will best fit your needs and preferences.  

Next we will schedule a Complimentary Consultation that will be done via a Zoom video session at a time that works with your schedule.


Together we will assess your situation and create your customized plan.  We will dream about the future you desire, and create a plan to get there.  

Ready to get out of debt? Yes, you can do that! Want to know where all your money is going- I'll create your budget and teach you to track your income and spending. Want to save for retirement- I'll show you how.  I'll teach you how to leave money stress behind and to align your spending with your values and your goals.  


Not only will we create a plan, but I'll actually help you achieve the plan!  I'll encourage, guide, explain, direct and redirect you.  I'll teach you about managing money and explain the things you don't understand. I'll help you see the connection between your choices and your goals.  I'll ask "why" and " why not". I will listen carefully and help you discover your "real reasons" behind your actions. 
Together we will explore your mindset toward money, spending, debt and building wealth, and you will become as competent with your personal finances as you are in other areas of your life!



Karen Matis
The "What Now?! Money Coach"

These days, I manage money as a pro- but it wasn’t always like that! I’ve experienced first-hand the struggle of becoming competent with personal finances.  Although in my professional career I was a Senior VP managing large departmental budgets, in our personal family finances I chose to be disconnected, I was lax about managing our money, and I felt inadequate to partner with my husband in financial decision-making- he was a whiz with money, so I simply relied on him.

Together, my husband and I decided things had to change. I engaged in our family’s financial world, studied and learned wise financial principles, and together we decided where our money should be going. We budgeted, erased debt, invested wisely, and we became great partners at managing our money! Stress decreased and money arguments ended. And best of all we were moving together toward the dream future we envisioned.

Life throws curve balls, and like you, I've experienced a few! I'm known as "The What Now?! Money Coach", because I walk with my clients through the many events of life where we are left shaking our heads and trying to figure out "what now?"... that pink slip and lost job, those outrageous student loans that are coming due, that car accident, divorce, death of a loved one, or diagnosis we weren't expecting.  Or, that bonus check, new promotion, invitation to go on vacation, or lottery surprise winnings!  I help my clients prepare financially for life's surprises and deal with life's curveballs.  

I coach with the passion and conviction that comes from personal experience.  I love to coach women who want to become competent managing their finances, and couples who want to be successful partners managing their family finances together.

Coaching clients who are "Preparing for the Empty Chair" has become a passion and a ministry- it is my privilege to walk with clients who are experiencing unexpected or untimely loss of relationships through divorce or the passing of loved ones.

Getting our financial lives in order is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and our loved ones.

Together we can Dream, Plan, Save and Thrive!  

~ Karen

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