Dream.  Plan.  Save.  Thrive!

Inspiring and guiding clients to dream big, get out of debt, plan, save & thrive with money.

How We Help


Are you feeling stressed or confused about how to get to your dream financial future?  


Whether you want to eliminate credit card debt, get rid of student loans, pay off your home, save for the kids' college, retire early, or become outrageously generous by giving money to others, we can help you create a plan so you can win & THRIVE with money.  

As a RamseyTM Preferred Coach, I am committed to helping clients solve financial stress in their lives, moving from "survive" to "thrive" with their personal finances. 

I can help you identify and achieve your goals.  Will you let me help you?


Clients We Serve

Group of Women
Smiling Couple
White chair in an empty room
Women of All Ages and Stages
Couples and Families
Those Preparing for
or Facing 
"The Empty Chair" 

Professional career women desiring to get their finances in order, recent college grads ready to tackle student loan debt, single moms and single-again women who want to take charge of, and become confident with managing their money.

All women who desire to go from financially worried to financially hopeful and secure!

Couples who are ready to exchange the stress of debt, arguments about money, and disorganization with finances, for a future where both spouses are on the same page and are working together for your family’s financial peace and security.

All couples who want to become effective, competent financial co-partners!

We cannot banish dangers, but we can banish fear. Preparing for “the empty chair” is one of the most empowering and loving things we can do for one another.  The chair may be empty due to a lost relationship, or a lost life.  

I walk with clients to help prepare and organize their personal finances prior to the “empty chair season,” or following an unexpected loss.

The Process

1. First Contact

Schedule a free online Consultation by clicking on the "Schedule a Consultation" button below.

Alternatively,  go to the Contact Tab and complete the "Contact Form", or send an email to karen.dreamtothrive@gmail.com

2. Free Video Consultation

During the complimentary online Consultation we will explore your financial dreams and challenges and assess how Financial Coaching can help you meet your goals.

3. Coaching Sessions

During Coaching Sessions we clarify your financial goals and create a custom plan for your improved financial life.  Your personal "Survive and Thrive Plan" will include actionable steps to move you toward your goals. And I will walk with you and cheer you on as you succeed!

Dream. Plan. Save. Thrive!

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