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What's The Difference Between a Financial Coach and a Financial Advisor?

 **"A Financial Coach works with clients who need help getting finances in order, learning how to budget, making plans to tackle debt, and guiding clients around obstacles so they can win with money. Financial Coaches educate clients on the basics of personal finance and work with them to create a financial plan that reflects their goals. They also empower clients to take responsibility for their decisions and provide accountability as their clients work to implement the lessons they learn."

**"A Financial Advisor works with clients who need help managing and investing their assets, and maintaining a portfolio that matches their goals, timelines and risk profile."

As a Financial Coach, I am educated and trained to work with clients to master their personal finances, to develop healthy money habits, to get out of debt, and to save for the future you dream about.  I do not provide investment advice or sell investment products, nor do I sell insurance products.  I have an extensive circle of professional referral partners to whom I refer clients when investment, tax, legal and insurance advice is needed.  I can help you get to the financial future you desire!

Why I'm Passionate About Financial Coaching

I understand and have lived the struggle and relational importance of becoming competent with personal finances!  Although in my professional career I managed large departmental budgets, in our personal family finances I chose to be disconnected, I felt incompetent with managing and investing our money, and I felt inadequate to partner with my husband in financial decision-making.  Because I married a very capable husband, for many years I abdicated taking co-responsibility for our family finances.   My husband was a whiz at managing our finances, so why would I need to dive in deeply?


About 10 years ago, we decided together that things had to change. I put on my "big girl pants" and learned how to manage money like a pro!  I studied personal finance, took the Ramsey course “Financial Peace University”, mastered how to budget so we knew where our money was going, erased debt, learned how to invest wisely, asked questions of every expert I could get time with, and learned the process of how to get great with money!   Stress was decreased, and money arguments ended. And best of all, my husband and I were finally on the same page and moving together toward the dream future we envisioned.

Following a successful career in medical device development and pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, my energies and passion to help people create a healthy financial vision and plan for their future led to financial coaching.  As a woman who has gone through the process of moving from a place of financial stress to a life of financial peace, I coach with the passion and conviction that comes from personal experience.  I listen to my client’s concerns and problems, get to the root of the issues, walk with them while we develop a plan to address the problems, and cheer them on as they dream about their futures, get out of debt, save money, invest for retirement, and thrive with money!  

As a cancer survivor, coaching clients who are "Preparing for the Empty Chair" has become a passion, and a ministry.  We will all experience an empty chair at some point in our lives.  Having our financial houses in order is the greatest gift we can give to our loved ones, and it can reduce stress tremendously.  It is my privilege to walk with clients who are preparing for this season of their lives, or those who are dealing with unexpected loss.


Dream.   Financial stress can be reduced!  Your financial future can be better than the present!  

Plan.       Know where your money is going.  Tell it what to do.  Budget like a pro.

Save.      Save money to deal with whatever life throws at you. Invest and build wealth.

Thrive!   No more financial chains.  Live and give generously.

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